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For its club races, QCYC using PHRF as the handicapping system for keel boats that comply with the requirements of the local area's PHRF association, PHRF-LO.  QCYC is part of PHRF-LO's Toronto West (TORW) District.

Go to PHRF-LO Search Valid Certificates to view your or others PHRF-LO Certificate

QCYC Certificates needing mainsail measurements

QCYC Handicapping Team for PHRF-LO

  • Brandon Zagorski         Club Handicapper
  • E. Graham Dougall       Club Assistant Handicapper

The QCYC PHRF-LO Handicapping team email address is measurer@qcyc.ca

The QCYC Handicapping Team for PHRF-LO is part of the QCYC Race Management Technical Committee.