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Sailing Program's Teams Supporting Racing Informatin

A number of team's support QCYC's Sailing Program, including racing. For more information on them,  what they so and who they are CLICK HERE.

Crew Bank

Access the QCYC Racing Crew Bank HERE.

Racing Rules

Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Resources & other Rules for Sailboat Racing

RaceQs Information

RaceQs is QCYC's recommended app to record tracking of racing sailboats for later playback.

Participants' Meeting

Scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Club Racing Notice of Race (NOR)

Notice of Race V02.00 (May 10, 2022 with Amendment 1)

Club Sailing Instructions (SIs) Supplements

  • Wednesday Racing Supplement SIs V02.00  July 5, 2022 With amendments starting with Series 2
  • Champion of Champions Supplement SIs (Under development)
  • Last Chance Cup (LCC) Supplemental SIs  (Under development)

Sun Rise and Set Times 2022

Club's Jury Committee

QCYC Jury Hearing Notice Log

Hearing Request Form 2021-2024

Measurement Committee


Go to PHRF-LO Search Valid Cerificates to view your or others PHRF-LO Certificate

QCYC Certificates needing mainsail measurements

Wednesday Night Series


One Design Classes

Queen City is proud to be the home of a large contingent of the Lake Ontario, Canada Star Fleet, many of whom regularly race locally and abroad.

Our Shark fleet, first designed and produced in Ontario, have been a mainstay of the one-design sailing scene on the Great Lakes for over 40 years. The class is as strong today as ever.

Champions of Champions

Champion of Champions 2021 Results

Champion of Champions 2021 Competitors List

Eligible boats as of Series 2 2021

The annual club championship is cancelled for 2020

Eligible Sailboats as of Series 3 End

2019 Results (Low Point)

2019 Results (High Point)

2018 Results (Low Point)

2018 Results (High Point)

2017 Results (Low Point)

2017 Results (High Point)

Last Chance Cup


Last Chance Cup 2021 Competitors List

Last Chance Cup 2021 Notice to Competitors 01

LCC 2020 Rules

LCC Competitors as of Registration Deadline

LCC 2020 Register HERE

2020 Results


2018 Results (By Class)

2018 Results (Overall)

Open Regatta

Regatta weekend at Queen City comes one week after labour day weekend each year and is organized jointly the Lake Ontario Racing Council (LORC).  Learn more about this years' festivities here.

Women Open Regatta


Results Archive for Club Race Events

With results going back almost as far as the dawn of the internet. Relive your glory days here.