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Learn to Sail at our Summer Day Camp

Give your kids a memorable summer day camp experience at QCYC. Open to youth aged 8 to 17 years old, this program is an affordable way to get your kids out on the water and introduce them to sailing, while developing their sportsmanship, teamwork and social skills. And for those kids who’ve taken sailing lessons in the past, it’s the perfect place to continue their sailing instruction - many of our students return year after year.

Close to Downtown Toronto, on the Toronto Islands

Queen City’s Learn to Sail camp is situated on the Toronto Islands, providing an idyllic setting for summer fun. Kids spend their days outdoors, sailing, swimming and playing, surrounded by one of the world's most beautiful urban parks.

QCYC's private ferry leaves from the foot of York Street, which is easy to access via car or transit. It will bring your child directly to and from camp on the Toronto Islands, allowing them to “get out" of the city without actually ever leaving.

A Focus on Safety

Safety is very important at QCYC, and we boast high instructor to student ratios in order to provide the best sailing experience. Our experienced instructors are certified by Sail Canada in sailing as well as boat rescue and first aid.

In our efforts to constantly improve our facilities, we recently installed floating docks for our Learn to Sail boats. These ensure that boats are easier to launch and haul out of the water, and their placement in very shallow water makes them ideal for kids of all ages.

Traditions & Events

Once a session, parents are invited to QCYC Parents’ Night to tour the club facilities and go sailing with their kids. And at the end of the summer, we host a banquet for all students and parents, providing them with a chance to enjoy dinner and our annual awards ceremony.

For more pictures, visit the Learn to Sail Facebook Page.


2024 Sessions

We offer spring training sessions and a full summer program for sailors who are 8 to 17 years old. Please email learntosail@qcyc.ca if you are interested in registering a child under 8.


Spring Training (CANSail 3 and up)

7 Sessions 

These workshop-style training sessions are a great way to prepare for your summer session, and are open to all students for instruction and practice. A variety of skills will be covered, including any student-specific interests or needs. Students can work on CANSail checklist requirements, or just enjoy an afternoon on the water. Catch the 10:15 tender over to the island and the 3pm tender back to the city. Sailors must be enrolled in Spring training to be eligible to attend an early regatta in July (if available)

These will be run on Saturday and Sunday June 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22


Summer Program (CANSail 1 and up)


Beginner (iCANSail/CANSail 1 & 2)

2-week, or seasonal (9 week) option

iCANSail/CANSail 1 - Learn to Sail, Part 1

First-time sailors should sign up for this beginner level, which teaches fundamental sailing skills. Taught in small, double-handed boats, it’s a fun and safe introduction to basic sailing, with adventures to the Toronto Island beaches, team-building games and lots of on-water activities.

Most young sailors start by completing their iCANSail checklist, learning to become comfortable on and in the water, using the basic sail controls, and working as part of a team. In some cases (based on age, athleticism and experience), campers will begin working on their CANSail 1 checklist right away.

CANSail 2 - Learn to Sail, Part 2

This level introduces more complex versions of the introductory skills learned in CANSail 1. Sailors are expected to take the helm more often (steer the boat), and fine-tune their boat handling skills to ready themselves for intermediate sailing. However, this is still a very fun-centred level, involving plenty of on-water adventures and games.


Intermediate (CANSail 3&4)

2-week, or seasonal (9 week) option

CANSail 3 - Learn to Sail Fast

In this level, sailors acquire applied skills in larger, double-handed boats (420s). More time is spent training on the water, and sailors are given the opportunity to try racing in local competitions. There will be some flexibility in the scheduling of 2-week sessions. Please contact us to make arrangements.

CANSail 4 - Learn to Sail Fast, Part 2

Sailors train to tune and handle their boat with ease as they further their understanding of what does and doesn't make their boat move faster. A fundamental understanding of basic tactics and physics is taught, and sailors are encouraged to participate in some local regattas.


OPTI RACE Team (CANSail 3&4)

4 week, or seasonal (9 week + Spring Training) option

New to QCYC, in 2024 we will be starting an OPTI Race team with the goal to develop strong single handed competitors while working on their Cansail 3 and 4 checklists.  Participants are expected to BYOB (Bring your own Boat) but we will have some boats that participants can charter (for a fee). The goal is to prepare for, and participate in, a full season of training and competition, including attendance at regional regattas.


Advanced/Race Team (CANSail 5 & 6)

4 week, or seasonal (9 week + Spring Training) option

CANSail 5 or 6 - Learn to Train

In this level, sailors fine-tune and solidify all previously learned sailing skills as they compete in regular competition. The goal is to prepare for, and participate in, a full season of training and competition, including attendance at regional regattas.

Please note that the regatta schedule is tentative. Regatta registration, accommodation and other travel-related costs are not included in course fees. Parents should be prepared to help carpool, tow boats and chaperone participants at regattas. Please inquire for further details.


A few notes about our Youth Learn to Sail programs:

  1. Although our coaches are 100% dedicated to helping sailors develop, there is no guarantee that a sailor will complete a checklist in the allotted time for any given course.
  2. In 2023, Sail Canada is charging an annual fee per youth sailor of $20.00. You'll notice this added onto your course registration once per year. Thank you for your understanding.