Club Cruises for 2018:

If you are new to cruising, a club reciprocal cruise is the best introduction to more ways to have fun on your boat.

June 30 - July 2 (CanadaDay) - Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club (NOTLSC)

NOTLSC has always been one of our favourite cruise destinations.  Not only is it an opportunity to sail across the lake but this destination offers activities for every taste.

In the past, members have toured wineries on rented bikes, played golf on the course within walking distance and shared transportation to the casino in Niagara Falls. Remember, it’s a busy weekend for the Shaw Festival so it would be wise to book your theatre tickets soon.

There will be a cruisers social gathering usually on the Saturday evening. Our cruise co-ordinator will be Paul Lehal, INITRAM.

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July 21 - 22 - Lakeshore Yacht Club

It is a short but oh so sweet cruise to Lakeshore Yacht Club basin located at the foot of Kipling Ave in the Colonel.

It’s the perfect destination for you …..


  • You are new to cruising
  • You’ve got a new boat to try out the cruising life
  • You have mates or crew who prefer to join you by land
  • It’s your first visit the Lakeshore Yacht Club (it’s beautiful)
  • You want to gain confidence to tackle longer cruises
  • It is your first stop on an extended trip around the lake.

We’re limiting the cruise to 10 at first but building a wait list.As the reciprocating club has more sign ups, it allows us to take more as well. If you missed last weekend’s cruise, don’t miss this one.

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August 4 - 6 (Civic Holiday Weekend) - Fifty Point Yacht Club (FPYC)

Fifty Point is worth visiting. If you haven’t been there, the first time you arrive can be interesting.  There is a gun range and keep out area on one side. Although many say it is no longer in use, it’s still marked on the charts so personally, we choose to respect the chart. The point of entry to their harbour is not obvious at first but is really very easy to navigate.

In contrast to Niagara on the Lake, there are no offerings in town.  There IS no town!  Well away from the city atmosphere, Fifty point is a conservation area. There are opportunities to hike, bike and visit the beach which is closer to the gun range. (yikes!)

We are now limiting the cruise to 10 at first but building a wait list. As the FPYC has more sign ups, it allows us to take more as well.

There will be a cruisers social and Andrew Good will be our co-ordinator to Fifty Point.

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