Members Registration on New Website


The new QCYC.ca has a members-only section.  At the moment there isn't really anything too exciting or new in there, but the ability to hide irrelevant or sensitive content from public view will keep the website more organized and also affords us the potential to put it to some new uses down the road.

Please follow the following, mostly painless procedure to get started:

To request your new QCYC.ca account, click on the "Login" link at the top left of the page:

Then ignore the login screen and instead, click the "Request New Account" tab:

Required elements are marked with a red asterix *.  Additionally, senior members are required to include their seniority number.

To help identify you, your username should be your first initial + your last name (e.g. Gary Baker = gbaker).

Your email address will never ever be exposed on the public side of the website and your address/postal code will only be used to help verify that you are who you say you are: namely, a member of the club.  A strong password that you can remember is recommended.

Once you fill out and submit the form, verifying that you are human and not a web robot, the webmaster will be emailed your request to verify your information and approve your account.  You will also receive an automated email from the website confirming your account application.  When your details have been verified and your account created, you will receive another email from the website confirming it.

Please note: Only members of Queen City Yacht Club can create accounts on QCYC.ca

Finally, after your account is confirmed you can follow the login link to actually login.  But what now?  You'll just see a screen with your own information on it.  That's your user page (a.k.a. myAccount).  To get to the Members-ONLY content, you have only to look for a new link under the "Members" menu: