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Help the Junior Sailors in Learn to Sail Program. We are fund raising for the Learn to Sail Program.Funds will be used for support items within LTS be it safety items, teaching aids or others items within the new building to enhance our young sailors skills.

In order to help with our goal of promoting sailing and seamanship we have a way to contribute and receive a tax credit for 95% of your contribution!

Revised Tax Receipting Procedures
Ontario Sailing Member Clubs     (We are members)

Sport IS Development Fund Objectives

Funds may only be collected and re-distributed for any of the following objectives:

  • To support the youth of Ontario to achieve personal success through sport.

  • To support the development of athletes in Ontario.

  • To support the development of coaching skills in Ontario.

  • To support the development of officials/referee skills in Ontario.

  • To support the development of leadership in sport in Ontario.

  • To support the development of a strong and focused sport delivery system in Ontario.

  • To support the Sport IS promotional campaign.

Once Sport IS has received all necessary paperwork they will send a tax receipt directly to each donor and issue a cheque back to the member organization minus a fee of 5% on total donations plus $2 per tax receipt.

Click here to download the Donor Form

Checks are made payable to Sport IS Development Fund and attached with completed form to Sport IS Development Fund.  This is done by the donor and form is self evident.(Please make sure to note your address and postal code at bottom of form)

On the form please enter:
Organization / Club as Queen City Yacht Club
Project # or Name as Learn to Sail Program

The form along with your check or credit card information is to be mailed directly to:

Sport IS Development Fund
#313-3 Concorde Gate
Toronto, ON M3C 3N7

Tax forms are mailed directly from Sport IS on their timetable but in more than enough time for tax season next spring.  The tax credit is mailed to the donor directly for 95% of the amount donated less a $2 handling fee.  QCYC receives 95% of your donation to be used to foster the Learn to Sail Program.

If you have any questios please contact me  directly. 

John Heath
Treasurer QCYC