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Marine Sale this Saturday, 18th June


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Here is how it works.  You donate something, we sell it.  All proceeds go to the Learn-to Sail-programme.

  • Donations accepted 9:30-10:30 am
  • Sale begins 10:30 am  ends 12:30 pm
  • All proceeds go to  Learn-to Sail

Every dollar you pay goes to the Learn-to Sail programme.
Come and meet this year’s instructors.  
Let us make as much as we can for them! Stay on for the bands and Lobsterfest.

DONORS….Bring your items to the club house 9:30 am and help to sort and price them. (Donation should be something likely to sell - if it doesn’t you have to take it back!)  

There will be tables for:

  1. YARD STUFF: ladders, hoses, electric cords.
  2. ANCHORING AND DOCKING STUFF: mooring lines, bumpers, anchor chain,
  3. BOAT HARDWEAR:  winches, shackles, packs of cotter pins and rings.
  4. ELECTRONICS:    VHF sets, wiring, auto helms
  5. CANVAS STUFF AND LIFE JACKETS: anything canvas, life jackets.
  6. LOCKER STUFF: Tools!  Tableware, (even a bread maker).
  7. BOOKS and arty-crafty marine trinkets.

BUYERS….Bring lots of cash!  You never know what you will find.

Sale begins at 10:30 am just as the AQ2 docks.
Cash or cheques only.
For more information contact Peter and Moya Ashby.