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2015 Pan Am Games


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Access to harbour front may take longer from JUNE 29TH to AUGUST 18th, except by public transit. Expanded HOV lanes are in effect, including on the Gardiner and Lakeshore. As with all HOV lanes in effect during this period, there needs to be at least three (3) in the car until July 27th and two (2) from then until August 18th. Certain exceptions apply. See and check often as details are changing frequently:

Pan Am Sailing in the Inner Harbour is scheduled daily from Saturday July 11th to Sunday July 19th with Monday, July 20th  is a contingency or lay day. The plan is to rotate the three groups of racers between the two Lake and the Inner Harbour courses on a daily basis before the medal races. However, conditions may mean that Inner Course must be moved to the Lake on a given day. On days with Inner Harbour racing, the tender trip time may be longer and afternoon half hours may need to be canceled. As this is a day by day, condition by condition situation, advance notice is not possible. Please take this into account when traveling to and from the Club.

The Inner Harbour, Eastern and Western Gaps are suppose to open during the Pan Am Sailing Events. Spectator vessels are welcome at Medal, Harbour and Lake Courses as long as they keep out of the way of the race course and racers; create no wake and this will be enforced; and follow direction of the police and Pan Am officials.

Pan Am Sailing Information – recommendation is to review the Sailing Instructions for impacting and spectator details

-- Notice of Race (NOR) {Revised}: http://panamsailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/150601-2015-Pan-Am-Games-SAILING-NOR-Dec-30-2014-with-amendments-to-June-1-2015.pdf

-- Sailing Instructions (SIs): http://panamsailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/150612-2015-Pan-American-Games-Sailing-Instructions-12-June-2015.pdf