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2015 Lauch


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Launch 2015 has been postponed to April 25, 2015 and is fast approaching! This lingering winter (-11 C today, March 28, 2015) is posing a challenge for all of us to get boats ready, but ready we must be.

Please get all the pre-launch prep done now that you can that does not require mild temperatures such as removing winter covers from your boat and the Yard, clearing any items from your cradle, checking your boat for safety gear, fenders and lines and remembering to complete any half-done projects from the fall that have created unwanted holes such as rudder, propeller shaft, transducer and through hull replacements.

Water should be on in the Yard for the weekend of April 11th. A QC posting will be issued to confirm when it is on. Remember to keep the yard clear of hoses when not in use to keep our Yard safe and beautiful.

Mild weather should return soon and give us time for any bottom painting or caulking work prior to Launch. If there are not sufficient good days we will re-assess the Launch date and notify Membership of any changes through the QC and qcyc.ca.

In any case, all boats must be ready for the first day of Launch, the schedule cannot be pre-determined and Launch order is determined using chaos theory. You must be available with able crew for Launch on all Launch days. If you cannot, notify me with your delegate or delegates. Everyone must wear safety boots or shoes to be in the Yard during Launch, no exceptions. All fees must be paid in order to be launched, no exceptions. Any unnecessary cross-hauls may result in financial penalty and damage to reputation.

If this is your first Launch or want a refresher, please contact me with any questions at yard@qcyc.ca .

Looking forward to a safe and swift Launch and an excellent racing and cruising season. We all deserve it! Cheers, Will