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After months of hibernation over the winter, our website has emerged from its den a refreshed and revitalized beast.  The keen-eyed among you will easily have spotted some changes, but QCYC.ca has not only undergone a superficial makeover: the entire structure of the site is new.

We are now using the power of Drupal, a freely-available and popular content-management system, to manage things.  This should make it easier for the website to keep up-to-date and to better serve the membership and the public with relevant and timely information about Queen City.  Two of the most noticeable improvements are the "Login" link on the top left of this page and the search box on the top right.

First, that "Login" link: Content that is either irrelevant for public consumption or sensitive in some way (e.g. privacy concerns) can now be tucked away into the new "Members-ONLY" section and accessed only by club members after creating an account and logging in.  There are instructions in the next article about how to request an account - all senior members are requested to create an account and other members are encouraged to do so as well.

And the search box: well that should be self-explanitory.  Have you ever forgotten where you found something on the site before?  Now everything is indexed and searchable... Go ahead; try searching "Wayne Lilley".

Anyway - enjoy.