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Senior Membership at QCYC is a voting membership and is required for anyone who wishes to keep a boat in a mooring. The Senior Membership 'unit' applies to one person or to two people who are spouses.

Below is a summary description of this membership category:


  • Senior members may request a mooring and a locker.
  • Senior members may nominate new members.
  • A Seniority number is assigned upon joining.
  • Related children under 6** may travel free of charge on the Club Tender, when accompanied by the Senior Member.
  • Senior members may apply for a finger dock which is subject to a license agreement.
  • Senior members may hold a position on the Board of Directors.


There is one vote per Senior Membership 'unit'.

In the case of a Senior membership where two persons make up the membership unit, only one may be on the Board at any given time.

Fees for 2021:

Initiation Fee (one-time)


$2070 for boats 28' and under

$4140 for boats over 28'

Annual Dues


Includes unlimited travel on club tender for one adult

Mooring Fees 

$86/beam foot

Priced for standard mooring. Includes electricity, water, pump-outs

Finger Dock Usage Fee (if applicable)


$245 for 18 inch wide dock

$285 for 36 inch wide dock

Fee applies only to non-license holders

Finger Dock Width Fee (if applicable) $86/beam foot Applied to half the width of the dock for both license holders and non-license holders

Winter Storage

$2.45 per square foot per season (length X width)

Includes haul outs and launches

Minimum Billing

$195 per year

Used to purchase tickets for social events

Optional Annual Costs:

Family Membership


Includes a second tender pass for the other Co-Habitating Unit Member as well as membership and tender passes for all related children under 19**




Double Lockers



Summer Storage

$2.45 per square foot per season (length X width)


Mast Storage without Boat Storage




  • Queen City is a self-help club. Each Senior Membership 'unit' is required to provide 12 work-hours per year. Hours not worked are charged at $75 per hour.
  •  Senior members are also expected to help with launch & haul-out of the boats, in the spring and fall. These hours do not qualify as work hours.


* HST applies to all charges except minimum billing

** On January 1 of respective year