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How do members get back and forth between the city and the club?

Queen City's 'tender', the Algonquin Queen II, is a 49-passenger boat that makes regular runs between the city and the clubhouse. More information on the Tender Schedules. Club members also use the Toronto Island Ferry.

How do I transport provisions and other gear to the club?

Usually, members bring everything on the regular runs of the Algonquin Queen or on freight runs of the Robbins. Members may also request a special freight run of the Robbins.

Where can I store equipment and gear that I don't want to keep on my boat?

Many members rent lockers for this purpose. We're not talking school lockers! Most are 8 ft X 8 ft or larger. They hold an incredible amount of gear, tools, clothing, sails, extra beer - all the stuff you don't want to have to transport from the city every weekend.

Dock boxes are also used, especially on the Wards Island side of the lagoon, where they can double as a step to get on and off your boat.

Can I live on my boat during the season?

Absolutely! Many members stay aboard every weekend. Others live aboard full-time for a month or so or all summer long, commuting to the city for work or other needs. (The club Tender docks steps from downtown in the city.) Washrooms, including showers, are open 24 hours a day.

Where can I park my car?

There are several parking lots in the immediate vicinity of the city-side tender dock. Harbourfront Parking, on the northwest corner of York and Queens Quay, offers a special rate to Queen City members. Members often unload gear at the dock and then park the car. Others take the TTC or a taxi down to the dock.

Are there any security problems on the island?

The Toronto Island community is very safe. Metro police tell us that the average squad car in the city gets more calls in one night than the whole police force receives from the island community (including Queen City) in one year. And because many members stay aboard all week long, there is a built-in neighbourhood watch.

During the busy summer months, police maintain patrols - motorized and on horseback. There is also a full-time fire station with paramedical capabilities stationed a few feet from club property.

Is there much for my kids to do?

There certainly is! Queen City is situated in the middle of a car-free park so it is a safe and natural environment for your kids to play in. There are activities offered by Queen City and there are lots of things to do in the park itself (swimming, biking, canoeing, frisbie…).

What facilities are available for eating and picnicking?

Queen City has a full-service restaurant, open Wednesday-Sunday during the season. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on the weekends, dinner only on weekdays.

As well, picnics and potluck dinners are a common sight at Queen City! There are picnic tables on the grounds that surround our moorings. And many members keep a barbecue on the grass in front of their boats, or in their lockers.

I don't have my own boat. Why should I bother joining?

Queen City has a beautiful clubhouse that offers a spectacular view of Toronto's harbour and skyline. You can eat in the club's restaurant, buy a drink at the bar or just sit on the balcony, watching the boats and ferries go by. Treat your family or business guests to a great experience, just a 12-minute boat ride from downtown Toronto.

In addition, you and your guests can explore Toronto Island, using Queen City as a base. You can walk, bicycle, roller-blade, canoe, play tennis, swim at the beach, bird-watch or people-watch. Or, if you're interested in sailing, you can sign up for one of Queen City's Learn to Sail programs.

Or join in the fun on race night by crewing on a boat.

On top of all that, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people in the world. Queen City is a great club with great members. Come and join us!


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