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Associate Membership at QCYC is a non-voting, social membership for those who wish to enjoy the club but do not have a boat.

Below is a summary description of this membership category:


  • Associate members may enjoy all the facilities of the clubhouse including the dining room and bar and may attend all social functions at the club.


  • Associate members may not vote and may not hold office.

  • Associate members may not have a mooring or locker at the club and may not keep a boat in the yard.

Fees for 2017/18

Annual Dues


Does not include tender pass

Tender pass


Unlimited travel on club tender for member and related children under 6**

Related Child

(age 6-18** inclusive)


Minimum Billing


Used to purchase tickets for social events


Queen City is a self-help club. Each Associate Membership is required to provide 6 work-hours per year. Assistance at launch and/or haulout qualifies as work hours. Hours not worked are charged at $75 per hour. Please note there are no 'unit' memberships for Associates.



HST applies to all charges except minimum billing


* A tender pass is not mandatory. Tickets can be purchased from the office for single rides ($8.) or in books of 10 ($75.).

** On 1 Jan of the current year.