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Associate membership at QCYC is a non-voting, social membership for those who wish to enjoy the club but do not have a boat. The Associate membership 'unit' applies to one person or to two people who are spouses.

Below is a summary description of this membership category:


  • Associate members may enjoy all the facilities of the clubhouse including the dining room and bar and may attend all social functions at the club.


  • Associate members may not vote and may not hold office.

  • Associate members may not have a mooring or locker at the club and may not keep a boat in the yard.

Fees for 2022:

Annual Dues


Does not include tender pass

Tender pass


Unlimited travel on club tender for member and related children under 6***

Family Tender Pass



Includes a second tender pass for the other Spousal Unit member as well as membership and tender passes for all related children 17 and under.

Minimum Billing


Used to purchase tickets for social events


Queen City is a self-help club. Each Associate membership unit is required to provide a minimum of 6 contribution hours per year. Assistance at launch and/or haulout qualifies as contribution hours. Hours not fulfilled are charged at $75 per hour. 


* HST applies to all charges except minimum billing

** A tender pass is not mandatory. Tickets can be purchased from the office for single round trips ($8.50) or in books of 10 rounds trips ($80)

*** On January 1 of respective year

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