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Summer Sports Sailing Camp on the Toronto Islands

Give your children a summer day camp that is active and fun. Our learn to sail programs have a great reputation and provide the perfect mix of learning and action. Many students return year after year for multiple sessions. Our summer day camp is open to children and teenagers aged 8 - 17 year. Learn to Sail camp is an affordable way for your child to experience the sport of sailing. Sailboats are supplied. There are programs for the beginner and the expert.

QCYC's Learn to Sail summer camp takes place on the Toronto Islands, across from Toronto's harbourfront and conveniently accessible by the TTC. Our private ferry leaves from the foot of York Street and will bring your child directly to the camp. Each session is 2 weeks long.

All of the Learn to Sail instructors are experienced and certified by Sail Canada, as well as, in boat rescue and first aid.

Our summer camp is sailing and more

At QCYC's sailing camp, students develop sailing skills plus sportsmanship, teamwork and social skills. They get great exercise, learn new skills and build friendships.

Close to Downtown Toronto on the islands

The Toronto Islands are filled with beautiful areas for kids to sail, swim, and play! Students spend their day outdoors surrounded by one of the world's most beautiful urban parks. Our sailors will get a chance to explore the island on our cruises to locations on the island such as Wards Beach. They gain an understanding and appreciation for nature, wind, and water. Kids get "out" of the city without actually ever leaving!

Traditions & Events

Once a session, parents are invited to QCYC after camp hours to go sailing with their kids and see the club facilities!
An optional banquet is held close to the end of the summer where parents and students come to the island to enjoy the clubs facilities, eat a banquet-style dinner, and see the summer's awards handed out!

For more pictures, visit the Learn to Sail Facebook Page!

2019 Sessions

Spring Training (CANSail 3 and Above)

3 Sessions (Choose any 3 Saturdays from the posted dates)
Non-Members: $   220.00 (plus HST)
Members: $   195.00 (plus HST)

5 Sessions (Attend all 5 Saturdays listed)
Non-Members: $   310.00 (plus HST)
Members: $   280.00 (plus HST)

This is a great way to get all the winter rust out before starting your summer session! A variety of skills will be covered, including any student-specific interests or needs. Sessions will be 5 hours long and most of that time will be spent on water. These workshop-style training sessions are a perfect tune-up for summer. You can work on CANSail checklist requirements, or just get out and enjoy an afternoon on the water! These will be run on May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, and June 22.

Spring Training - 3 Sessions

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
Spring Training (3 days)June 1 June 22 STT1 Completed


Spring Training - 5 Sessions

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
Spring Training (5 days)May 25 June 22 STF1 Completed

Beginner (CANSail 1 or 2)

Non-Members: $   580.00 (plus HST)
Members: $   520.00 (plus HST)

CANSail 1 - Fundamental sailing skills and knowledge are taught in this level. No experience needed! Taught in small, doubled-handed boats. This is a very fun and safe introduction to basic sailing. Adventures to various Toronto Island beaches, fun team-building games, and tons of on-water excitement during these two week sessions! Minimum age to start CANSail 1 is 8 years old.

CANSail 2 - Learn to sail! This level introduces more complex versions of introductory skills learned in CANSail 1. Sailors are expected to take the helm more often (steer the boat), and begin to fine tune their boat handling skills in order to ready themselves for intermediate sailing. Still at the fundamental stage of athlete development - this is still a very fun-central level, involving plenty of on-water adventures and games.

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
CanSail 1 or 2 (2 weeks)July 2 July 12 CSB1 Completed
CanSail 1 or 2 (2 weeks)July 15 July 26 CSB2 Completed
CanSail 1 or 2 (2 weeks)July 29 August 9 CSB3 Completed
CanSail 1 or 2 (2 weeks)August 12 August 23 CSB4 Completed

Intermediate (CANSail 3)

4-week option:
Non-Members: $ 1,140.00 (plus HST)
Members: $ 1,020.00 (plus HST)

2-week option:
Non-Members: $   620.00 (plus HST)
Members: $   560.00 (plus HST)

CANSail 3 - Learn to sail fast. Applied skill acquisition in larger double handed boats (420s). Sailors enjoy more time training on-water and are given the opportunity to try racing in local or low-key competitions if they wish. Great adventures on the harbour and out on the lake continue!

Intermediate (CANSail 3) - 4-week option

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
CanSail 3 (4 weeks)July 2 July 26 CSI1 Completed
CanSail 3 (4 weeks)July 29 August 23 CSI2 Completed


Intermediate (CANSail 3) - 2-week option

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
CanSail 3 (2 weeks)July 2 July 12 CSIS1 Completed   Add to Waitlist

CanSail 3 (2 weeks)July 15 July 26 CSIS2 Completed
CanSail 3 (2 weeks)July 29 August 9 CSIS3 Completed
CanSail 3 (2 weeks)August 12 August 23 CSIS4 Completed


Advanced (CANSail 4 or 5)

Non-Members: $ 1,250.00 (plus HST)
Members: $ 1,165.00 (plus HST)

CANSail 4 - Learn to always sail fast! Sailors are training to tune and handle their boat with ease. They will begin to fully understand what does and doesn't make the boat move faster. They gain a fundamental understanding of basic tactics and physics. Sailors are encouraged to participate in some local/low-key regattas!

CANSail 5 - Learn to train. Applied skill consolidation in order to fine-tune and solidify all previously learned sailing skills. Regular competition is encouraged, including local regattas. The goal of this level is to prepare for and participate in a full season of training and competition with rewarding results.

Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
CanSail 4 or 5 (4 weeks)July 2 July 26 CSA1 Completed
CanSail 4 or 5 (4 weeks)July 29 August 23 CSA2 Completed

Please note that although our coaches are 100% dedicated to helping sailors develop, there is no guarantee that a sailor will complete a checklist in the allotted time for any given course.

Also please note: in 2019, Sail Canada is charging an annual fee per youth sailor of $    18.00. You'll notice this added onto your course registration once per year. Thank you for your understanding.

For the CANSail 1 or 2 program, fees are reduced by $40.00 for sessions 1 and 3 which are a day shorter due to statutory holidays.




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