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May 2009

Memories: An incident at RCYC in the summer of ’66, when QCYC was only a youngster of 77 by Andy Lithgow
Memories: The Ladies at QCYC by Fran Beaugrand
A brief history of time at the QCYC charity pool league by Garry Baker
Finding a bigger boat: The hunt for “Wild Jasmine” by Jacqui Cook, Eriks Rugelis

June 2009
Memories of Queen City Bilge Brat by Al Rae Jr.
QCYC from an Airbus by Jim Dow
Noisy, Smelly and Polluting or Quiet, Fume Free and Eco-Friendly: The Skinny on electric outboards by John Rowley
QCYC Cigarette Silk by Nina Nakajima
All Welcome to the Blessing of the Boats by Pat Whetung
The Slee Family History at QCYC by Richard Slee
Staff Profile: Don Ferguson, Club Manager    
New Member Profile: Nels Stanfield    
New Member Profile: Randy and Adriana Benoit    
New Member Profile: Traci Ridgewell    
New Member Profile: Mark MacRae    
New Member Profile: Douglas Henderson & Sandra Raitz    
New Member Profile: Ian Heerdegen & Maxine Loine

July 2009

Memories of Queen City Bilge Brat part 2 by Al Rae Jr.
Of Memories and Anniversaries by Anna Prodanou
Tender Trivia by Charles Millen
Learn to Sail Success Bridget and Brenda Bowskill by Debbie Bowskill
Historical Treasurer’s Report by John Clemmer
New Member Profile: Amela Simic by Nina Nakajima
New Member Profile: Martin and Linda Hodgkinson    by Nina Nakajima
The Slee Family History at QCYC part 2 by Richard Slee
Queen City Dart Club by Ron Mazza
The Rapids Queen by Tony Araujo
Gunning in the New Boats    
Lady Bug  

August 2009
Remembering the Last Half Century by Anna Prodanou
Queen City’s Little Secret by karin larson
Eon Anson by Keith Aldridge
Daniel Kroppmans by Keith Aldridge
Richard Webster by Keith Aldridge
Karina Rugelis by Keith Aldridge
Edrick Munson by Keith Aldridge
Charlie Tanner by Keith Aldridge
Michelle Mohammed by Keith Aldridge
Roddy Fenner by Keith Aldridge
Kerry van den Landen by Keith Aldridge
The Slee Family History at QCYC part 3 by Richard Slee
Junior Club Racing Program Taking Off    
Queen City gets it’s own anthem  
John Ball wins class in LO 300

September 2009

Why It Is - What It Is - Where It Is by Doug Miller
The  1950s at Queen City Yacht Club by karin larson
A Legend in Our Time by Ken Rodmell
The Building of an English Stem Dinghy: A Craft of Love by Nina Nakajima
Felipe Andres Cruzatt    
Russ Hutchison    

October 2009

More Memories of a Queen City Bilge Brat (aka Al Rae Jr.) by Al Rae Jr.
Queen City Cleans Up at the LOSHRS Overnight Race by Chris Borgal
QCYC Performance Team by Dan Smith
Man Overboard! - And it’s Me! by John Heath
How To Be a New Member - Dig In and Have Fun by Mark MacRae
Newbies Win Big by Nick Mather
Historical Clips DVD and `120th CD are now available! by Richard Slee
The Slee Family History at QCYC part 4 by Richard Slee
Confessions of a Former Junior Clubber by Robert Sinclair