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May 2008

The Ancient Mariner by Warren “Jake” Jackman

June 2008

Bahamian Delivery by David Mathews
Heart to heart - when and how to use the defibrillator by Dr. Peter Ashby
Learning to love (and fix) the Atomic 4 by Robert Mazza
The way we were 1891 Racing Results by Wayne Lilly
New Group to aid cruisers    
Welcoming new boats and members to QCYC    
QCYC hosts record LOSHRS race turnout  - and brings home the gold    
Look Out Star Drivers! The next generation of Finches is here  

July August 2008

Wither Queen City’s Sailpast by Graham Dougall
A message from St. Michael by Mike Veenhuizen
Words to Live By Pam Mazza
Wednesday Night Racing by Susan Rollinson
The things you find at haul out    
The peril of plaid and the pipes    
Broecker Wins the Lake Ontario 300  

September 2008

Queen City cruises, too
Island adopts another wildlife species
The Beerfort Scale - A sailor’s guide to describe weather
Past-Commodores go on a rampage
Women Skippers’ Race 200

October 2008

Taking the ditch by Dave Mathews
Queen City’s Ciceros get a new podium    
From petunias to power pole - Roz Ross elevates her responsibility to new heights     
Swing to stump to... garden    
Alpha Omega takes the 2008 Champion of Champions regatta    
QCYC celebrates the 2008 sailing season    
Notice a Family resemblance? J’s make their presence felt at QCYC