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May 2005

How I spent my Winter Vacation!- Anita Boudreau
Amanzi Got Class! - Kim Saunders
The Season Starts Slowly! -  Kim Saunders
IYC Gets a New Clubhouse!

July 2005

Caring for the Environment - Anita Boudreau
Down By The Bay! - Anna Prodanou
A Perspective on Bikes on the Tender- Glen Newbury
Fluff and Beyond - Maureen Heath
Voo Boo Fluff - Roger Abbott
The Canadian Marine Archives and Collections Society Extinct    
Who’s The Club Crew  

August 2005

Moorings ... Which way do we go?  - Bruce Forbes
Questions from the July Town Hall- Bruce Forbes
Queen City Members Raise $8000 for Women Sailors - Wendy Hardy

October 2005

Birds on the island  - Glen Newbury
Nav Light Quiz - Lynn Kaak  
On Shooting Sailboats  - Susan Rollinson
Who Are All the New Faces    
Doug Miller... QCYC Hero of the Year    
Winter on the Island    
Dave Dill    
Kris & Tracey Get Married    
Harry Howard!    
Mast Crane Safety