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April 2004

Winter Cruisers-Cruising
Commodore’s Ball-Other
Tuesday Night Talks Are Back-Racing

June 2004

Bridge Over Troubled Waters? - Bill Freeman -Local Interest
Paul Sutherland... A memory for the children of yesterday and today - karin larson -Memorials
Queen City Yacht Club Annual Women Skippers Race continues to evolve...    Wendy Hardy -Racing
Notice to Members: Where Do the Bike and Buggies Go... -Policy/procedure

August 2004

Paul Sutherland... Just mention his name and so many memories come tumbling through our collective minds. Al Rae Jr.     Memorials
Welcome Additions -Anita Boudreau - Other
Going Green-Mark Garscadden -Local Interest
Noise in the Harbour -Mary Partridge -Local Interest
Women from the QCYC Make History- Patricia Whetung- Racing
Message from the Junior Club - Peter Howard, Matt DiLallo -junior Club
Queen City Sailors Raise $8000 for Women Sailors -Wendy Hardy- Racing

October 2004

Sailing Then and Now- Al Rae Jr. -Historical
Port Authority Blues -Bill Freeman -Local Interest
Book Review: An Embarrassment of Mangoes= Rosalind Ross-Local Interest
115 years of QCYC History -Historical
Win a Pitcher of Beer in the QCYC History Quiz!    -Historical
A fine year of racing at QCYC- Racing