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April 2000

New Tender Plans to Cost $12,500  
Deep Discussion: dredging to take place this summer  
New pub menu, better pricing for restaurant Garry Baker
Membership drive to go on all year  
Dues and tender fees up; bills finally mailing for work hours Tony Araujo
Capital Projects Approved  
Carl Kay takes QCYC to America’s cup Steve Manley
Jim’s not-so-relaxing vacation Wayne Lilly
Customs has it’s eye on you Tony Araujo

May 2000

Sailpast 2000  Saturday May 20  
Harbourfront parking, get in on our deal  
Right on cue, again  
Work Hours Reduced: Self help program a resounding success Ted Doyle
Get Set for the Lake Ontario 300  
Cruisin’ to Bronte Jim Upfold
Missing Don Rosalind Ross

June 2000

Wow, did you see that spring meeting!  
Addressing the Queen  
QCYC hosts LORC regatta, Meridian wins big in whitesail  
Piracy on the harbour seas Steve Manley
Work hours keep on working  
Our fountain runneth Wayne Lilly
It’s lonely at the top  
Avoiding another Spring meeting  
The marine unit makes waves Wayne Lilly

July 2000

It’s time to talk tender Tony Araujo
QCYC injuries keep ER busy at safety day  
Yacht Club Rent and Lease pass council  
Botched Gybe Baffles Border Bozos Peter Ashby
A little island Humour  

August 2000

QCYC travels in fast company  
Gayle Kay Memorial trophy joins the junior club ranks  
We think they enjoyed themselves  
Kids, reprobates, games, and lobsters: what a weekend! Wayne Lilly
Special Section: Talking Tender  

October 2000

Narrowing the options? Updating the tender search Norrie Macdonald