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January 1999

QCYC’s catering under review  
Rozolutions 1999 Rosalind Ross
And you thought you were ready for sailpast 1999 Karen Nichols
Giving new meaning to acceleration under sail  
A sailor discovers computers  
Save your money for beer Peter Broecker
Solo sailors preparing for 25th lake ontario series Peter Ashby
Raymond Jerome Lye Tony Cook
Clipping along off the wind  
April 1999

Catering contract signed  
Are you flying the right thing in the right place Karen Nichols
Overheard on the radio Steve Manley
Kingston Marina prices discourages cruisers  
Province matches Kingston for stupid ideas  
In memoriam Lawrence Thomas Reid  
The skinny on the coast guard money grab Annie Cook
May 1999
QCYC on a roll with launch and work parties
Canada Day cruise organized
June 1999
It’s official! Queen City is 110 years old on August 15
House Chairman resigns from the board
Rochester group blamed for low water levels
Fiddler’s Green: Jim McKinley
More boats needed for Easter Seals regatta - Sunday, July 11, 1999
Immortality granted
Start organizing your crew
Nautical and Nice contributions welcome
Toxic Taxi on the way
No more X ray 5476!
Single handed challenge
Fred Mayerhofer enjoys a birthday
Star Regatta a huge success
August 1999

Single handed racers shine  
QCYC’s hottest competitor   
Bruce Beyer returns as house chairman   
Bruce Robinson  
Mary (Babs) Cecil Lye Fran Ford
Pig Roast Organizer in training required by QCYC  
We oughtta be in pictures  
Snug Bar Library needs refreshing  
Women Skippers’ Race gets a new trophy honouring founder Marilyn Macdonald  
Let’s support the board Doug Gill
September 1999

Dry Sail Launching area gets a refit  
Function before form   
Editorial - Gib Speight  
Gayle Kay   John Carroll
The Terry Fox Run... going the distance Marie Makinson
thanks to QCYC Laural Stevenson
To QCYC members Marlyn Macdonald
October 1999

Plans for Algonquin Queen replacement underway  
QCYC’s top performers feted at awards night  
History in the making  
Champion of Champions race wins give Mazzaratti the club championship  
Queen City racers finish 1-2-3 in season finale  
Forever Plaid George Johnson