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February 1998

1997 Women Skipper’ race... postscript  
QCYC Home Page Rosalind Ross
Ontario Sailing Association Government Update  

March 1998

QCYC Virgins : Cruising ’98 Pat Whetung
Steve and Ann in the Bahamas  Anne Vanderhoof, Steve Manley


May 1998

Boat Landing permit I-68
At last : Tennis at QCYC!
Regulations for operating a vessel within Toronto Harbour

July 1998

Work or Pay systems at other self help clubs Heathcote, Partridge
Fire at QCYC extinguished 20 times! Peter Ashby
Thank you QCYC Eckersley
An open letter to all who use the Western Gap in Toronto Ken Deeley
Boating Safety Regulations at a Glance  
Thanks from RCYC Robert Medland
Publicity Ken Rodmell

August 1998

Commodore   Moira Coull


November 1998

Queen City Champions   
Remembering Vi Al Rae Jr. 
1998 Awards  
Queen City Self-help Philosophy and system, 22 October, 1998  
A Cautionary Take from Jim Yates, for which we thank him Jim Yates
A new commander at QCYC