Family Activities

You don't get to be a 125-year-old yacht club without learning a thing or two about families. After all, Queen City has been a summer home for families of sailors for generations. Many QCYC families spend every weekend on their boats, safely moored in our sheltered lagoon. Others spend weeks at a time at the club; while one or both of the adults commute to jobs in the city, the kids enjoy the Learn to Sail Program. You'll love knowing that your children are in a natural and safe environment!

In addition to the Learn to Sail Program, Queen City has events that are focused on the kids.

And there is so much to do on Toronto Island , your kids will love coming to Queen City and you'll enjoy spending time with your kids there. Here are just a few of the activities that your children will love doing:

  • Walk, bicycle or roller-blade through the acres of Toronto Island parkland and trails
  • Go for a swim at Ward's beach
  • Visit Turtle Pond
  • Spend a day at Centre Island; visit the petting zoo; go on the great rides
  • Take a canoe or dinghy up & down the lagoons
  • Anchor out in your boat in one of the protected anchorages in and around Toronto Islands
  • Play on the jungle-gyms on Ward's Island
  • Take up tennis - join the Ward's Island Tennis Club
  • Go for an ice-cream cone at the Ward's Island Café
  • Join the Canoe Club or the YMCA camps
  • Go to a youth dance on the island or one of the residents' yard sales
  • Play frisbie golf