Queen City is a self-help yacht club. The culture of QCYC has always been, and continues to be, defined by members sharing in the club's work. More than simply an economical means of maintaining our facility, the philosophy engenders a cooperative spirit that has forged many deep and long-standing friendships. In 1998, Queen City adopted a mandatory work-hours program. According to this plan, each Senior membership unit (whether one or two adults) contributes 12 hours of work to the club, each Senior Associate membership unit (whether one or two adults) contributes 6 hours of work to the club, each Associate 6 hours, and Dry Sail contributes 8 hours (whether one or two adults) of work to the club. Hours not worked are billed at $50 per hour.

The club prides itself on its 'can-do' philosophy and its ability to overcome major obstacles or problems that once in a while come its way. The system encourages everyone, even the New Members, to get involved, make a contribution and meet and mingle. There is a financial incentive for everyone to do their part: if the minimum number of hours is not worked, we will send you a bill! But we would certainly rather everyone got involved. We find that members usually have a great time “putting in their work hours”. Work-hours may be 'earned' in many ways:

  • Ongoing maintenance of the club such as yard cleanup, painting, moorings

  • Committee work (newsletter, race committee, membership and others)

  • Sitting on the Board of Directors

  • Major one-time projects such as installing windows, building a new deck

Associate, Dry Sail, and Senior Associate may also earn hours by assisting at Launch and Haulout.

Senior members are also required to :

  • Participate in Launch and Haulout of their boats

  • Be Officer of the Day (one shift every year or so)