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Photos submitted by: Genia Vanderkruk

The lagoon looks very empty.  Winter is upon us.  This was haulout.  (photo credit: Genia Vanderkruk)

The second and final club cruise of 2016 was to Bluffers Park Yacht Club.  Looks like those who liked it, liked it a lot (photo credit: Genia Vanderkruk).

The annual Ladies-only on the helm race was, by all account, a fantastic race this year.  The conditions were perfect and a game of volleyball broke out? (photos by: Genia Vanderkruk, Lincoln Frost-Hunt, Kristin Basmadjian)

Commodore Ron Mazza and his wife Pam hosted this year's Commodore's Ball in the Great Hall on Friday July 8th.  The theme was "Black and White" and reportedly a good time was had by all.

It was a gloriously hot June afternoon on the lawn for Lobsterfest this year. (photo credit: Don Hinchley)