Club Philosophy

Sailing is many things to many people. It is a competitive sport and a casual respite from competitive daily life, both a pastime and a passion. Sailing appeals to families, couples and individuals, to distance and day-sailors. It can be an easy-going social activity and an intense solo challenge. It can be all these things, at once or at different times.

That diversity also defines Queen City Yacht Club. For more than 125 years, QCYC has proudly reflected sailing's many facets, embracing all its individual adherents, encompassing them in a unique sailing community. In fact, Queen City has become as much a part of the sailing culture as those who participate in it.

Queen City is defined by its Toronto Island location, yet never restricted by it. Situated just a few minutes by club launch from the heart of Canada's biggest city, QCYC has adopted and become part of a splendid natural legacy - a car-free, park environment that offers safe, calm moorings close to a variety of sailing and cruising grounds.

At Queen City, we regard air as something that contributes to our enjoyment of sailing, not something we put on. QCYC respects sailing's traditions, but formality is never allowed to stand in the way of conviviality. Our historic Algonquin Island clubhouse, lovingly maintained, has welcomed members and guests since 1921 with a hospitality that is renowned on Lake Ontario.

Although smaller in membership than most yacht clubs on Lake Ontario, Queen City's characteristic "can-do" attitude expresses itself as a presence that far exceeds the club's size. Our participation in sailing and social activities, as racers and cruisers within the Lake Ontario sailing community and beyond, is second to none. And an exceptionally high number of members have experience that extends to blue-water cruising beyond the Great Lakes.

Queen City is a self-help club, operated by all members who routinely share in its upkeep. More than simply an economical means of maintaining our facility - and members' access to affordable sailing - the philosophy engenders a cooperative spirit that translates into a comfortable atmosphere for members and guests alike.

We have reason to believe that the approach, nurtured by a heritage of more than a century, is as valid today as it was in 1889 when the club was founded. Certainly our members are no less committed to or enthusiastic about sailing and their club than were previous generations of members. The Island ambience and sailing life at QCYC continue to attract members to their boats for entire weekends and as liveaboard commuters throughout the summer. And it may not be coincidental that Queen City annually entertains more boats from visiting clubs than any other yacht club on Lake Ontario.