Algonquin Queen IIQueen City has three vessels to transport members, guests and materials from Pier 6, immediately east of Sobeys on Queen’s Quay at the foot of York Street, to the clubhouse and back:

  • The Algonquin Queen II which carries 49 passengers,

  • The Freddy M, our Race Committee Signal Vessel,
    Commerical workboat, and Passenger  vessel capable of carrying 12 passengers



  • The Algonquin Princess capable of carrying 12 passengers.





The Tender Captains report to the Club Manager on a day–to-day basis, who in turn acts on Tender Operations under direction from the Fleet Captain, who is a member of the Board of Directors. All questions or concerns about Tender Operations should be addressed to fleet@qcyc.ca, with a copy to the Club Manager at office@qcyc.ca .

In the height of the sailing season, the tender service is at least hourly from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (except Monday to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday to 12 p.m. and Sunday to 10 p.m.). Club boats normally leave the club on the hour and depart the city at quarter after the hour. To see the detailed Tender Schedule for the date desired, please select the appropriate schedule in the selection box above, or visit the Club’s website www.qcyc.ca and click on the Club&Dining button then Tender Schedules. You can also call the Clubhouse at 416-203-0929 and press 1. The tenders do not run when the Club is shut down from mid November to early Spring.


All fares are paid either side of the harbour for a return voyage. The fare for traveling on the Club boats is satisfied in one of three methods: one - by showing a ‘Tender Pass’ (a membership card identifying tender privileges), two – by presenting a previously issued two part ‘Ticket’, or three - by paying the appropriate fee. A ‘Ticket’ is issued for the return trip by the Tender Captain to those without a ‘Tender Pass’ or previously issued ‘Ticket’, on boarding the boat either at the ‘City’ or ‘Club’ docks and paying the appropriate fee.

  • Members without a 'Tender Pass' or 'Ticket' must pay $8.00 for a return fare.
  • Members with a “Tender Pass’ are required to always show their 'Tender Pass' when boarding the boat, both at the ‘City’ and ‘Club’ docks or pay the appropriate tender fee.
  • Tickets are $8.00 for return fare and may be purchased from the Tender Captain, or 10 for $75 available in the office.
  • Guests of Members and visitors from reciprocating clubs who do not have a ‘Ticket’ must pay a return fee of $8.00.
  • Children, of Guests or of Members and without a ‘Tender Pass’, between 18 and 6 and accompanied by an adult pay a return fare of $4.00.
  • Children, of Guests or of Members and without a ‘Tender Pass’, under 6 and accompanied by an adult are free.
  • All ticket prices are inclusive of HST.

Club members and Guests also use the Toronto Island Ferry. This is especially practical for members who moor on the Ward's Island side of the lagoon. The return adult fare is $7.25 You can view the Toronto Island Ferry schedule by going to www.toronto.ca.


  • The Captain may request assistance from a member while docking or disembarking, especially in difficult weather conditions.

  • At the discretion of the Tender Captain alone, the Tender may also stop at the ‘Ward’s Island”’ side of the lagoon to disembark passengers, only when returning from the city. This is due to safety requirements.

  • Transportation of gas, diesel, propane or other hazardous material on the Algonquin Queen II is prohibited. These are to be carried on a Freddy M freight run, not a passenger run. These runs are denoted by an asterisk (‘*’) next to the time shown on the Tender Schedule. The "B" flag should be flown.

  • For transportation of very large items, Members are requested to use a designated Freddy M freight run.

  • The Freddy M may be ‘chartered’ by a Member for a special freight run from the city to the club or vice versa, for a fee of $60.00.

  • Smoking is not permitted on the Algonquin Queen II,  the Freddy M or the Algonquin Princess.

  • Open alcoholic beverages on the Club vessels are not permitted.

  • Bikes will be transported on the aft deck or other designated area of the Algonquin Queen II at the discretion of the Captain depending on the passenger load.

  • Larger items such as sail bags, coolers, duffle bags, bundle buggies etc should be stowed in the appropriate designated areas on the Algonquin Queen II.